Friday, January 8, 2016

The Dumb and the Restless

"...The Bundy militiamen are like a Black September version of an Iron John forest retreat: a bunch of weepy middle-aged guys who dressed up in crisply pressed outdoorswear and took over a bird sanctuary so they could play outlaw for a few days while they "worked on themselves." 

 They gathered around a bonfire (there really was a bonfire) and presumably engaged in Robert Bly-style mythopoetic healing, getting back to their manly roots by stroking their rifles, wearing camo undies, and complaining about all the wrongs done to them by women/the federal government/wild birds/whoever. 

 About the camo: yes, the following actually happened. One of the militiamen, Melvin Lee, posted a video on Facebook (these guys are on social media more than most teenagers) where he complained about the popular misconceptions of the movement. "There's nobody in camouflage," said Lee, who was wearing a camouflage jacket. "Well, except for my jacket." 

 And yes, it did happen that Ritzheimer, who did remember to bring his paperback copy of the Constitution, actually sent out a tweet asking for care packages for things his compadres forgot to pack for their armed dude-seminar. They asked for socks, snacks, energy drinks (!), equipment for cold weather, snow camo, and "gear." 

 This was after Bundy had told reporters that the group was prepared to stay for "years" and had enough supplies to see them through. "We have food planned and prepared," he said."

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  1. I've begun to really dislike that symbol. Here, it's one of many customized vanity plates one can order from the DMV. The tea party has seized it as their own, so seemingly every four-wheel drive vehicle along with every regular pickup on the road, displays the coiled rattler.

    Snakes...actually, it's very fitting.

  2. Looks like there's trouble in paradise:

    1. Yup, it looks like a feud's a brewin' between the Y-all-Qaeda and the Ya'hee-dist faction!

      This can't be good. ;-)

  3. That picture...must be one of them NRA "Seals"..honk honk!


  4. Unfortunately they didn't plan well. And yet, it doesn't even matter, because the authorities are allowing these bozos to come and go at will - bringing in food, more weapons, more people - wtf!

    Double standards much?!

  5. I had a dream. Actually, more of a daydream while pondering the pandemic stupidity infecting the country and the world.

    I dreamed about 100 groups of heavily armed "patriots" decended upon, occupied and evicted the families (in a show of patriotic solidarity) all of the homes and businesses of the (O-regone)Vanilla ISIS brigade claiming they are helping show the robber banks illegal mortgages and holdings thus freeing those brave bird sanctuary occupying men from having to leave their families while they are playing American Colonial War Games. And they won't leave until the government allows those families to own those lots and businesses for free as their gawd intended.

    Probably won't happen...but it sure brought a smile to this govern-lack-of-mentality frustrated face.


  6. There have been some "voices" lately , especially by Chuck Woolery (original Wheel of Fortune host) that we should all be allowed assault weapons.
    How about this:
    Let them keep the assault weapons, registered, of course, but the weapons must be kept ONLY in sportsman clubs, firing ranges and the like. Keep them there for safety but you can't take them home. They'd still own them so there's no problem with the only amendment these assholes know about.
    I'm sure it wouldn't fly well or work because Wayne (the Dick) LaPierre (doens't LaPierre translate to "the peter" from the French? And what was it about the French these assholes didn't like?) would cry in his Lite Beer all the way to D.C.


  7. We have to be psychiatrists just to vote any more (Selecting A Leader From The Asylum).

  8. Well, at least one of our "martyrs" has gone to the great anti-government/de-regulated tax haven/free market in the sky.

    What. A. Cult.

  9. Yes, and now he's a RW hero. Ick. So many clueless people....